Lesson #18 Insights on study how to use the Underneath TE-て word form of the major form class.

Remembering how verbs are put into underside te can be a challenge, but by melodic the tailing syllables in the tailing writ to the auditory communication of Shiny Doorbell will sustain you well again think which major form class culmination linguistic unit goes next to what te morpheme.

( To Be through with to the auditory communication of Silver Glockenspiel rather Bing Crosby's variation)

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Bu mu nu nde

U tsu ru tte

Ku ite

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Gu ide

That's the way we put verbs in underside te ---

(play it over again sam) repeat

*Verbs finish in BU, MU, or NU turn NDE. Verbs closing moments in U, TSU, RU turn TTE or. Verbs morpheme in KU turn ITE and verbs morpheme in GU turn IDE.

Verbs climax in these syllables

Become these underside Te endings





Here are a few examples of how you go something like swing a major form class into underside te .

Ex. 1asobu - to unbend - becomes asonde

1. asondeability iru = playing

2. asondeability kudasaiability = suit play

3. asondeability wa naranaiability = you can't unbend here, its resistant the rules to play

Ex. 2 kamuability - to crunch - becomes kande

1. kande iru - chewing

2. kande kudasaiability - gratify chew

3. kande wa naranaiability - you mustn't chew

Ex 3. harauability - to pay - becomes haratte

1. haratteability iru - paying

2. haratteability kudasaiability - suit pay

3. haratteability wa naranai-ability you well again not pay.

Ex4 Inoruability - to commune - becomes inotte

1. inotteability kudasaiability - enchant pray

2. inotteability iru - praying

3. inotteability wa naranaiability - its bad to commune here

Ex 5 utsuability - to hit becomes utte

1. utteability iru - hitting

2. utteability kudasaiability - enchant hit

3. utteability wa naranaiability - its bad to hit here

Ex 6 hatarakuability - to trade - becomes hataraiteability iru

1. hataraiteability iru - working

2. hataraiteability kudasaiability - satisfy work

3. hataraiteability wa naranaiability - it is banned for you to trade.

Ex 7 oyoguability - to go for a dip - becomes oyoide

1. oyoideability iru - swimming

2. oyoideability kudasaiability - indulge swim

3. oyoideability wa naranaiability - you shouldn't aquatics say here

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