How can one be funny? Is at hand a scientific discipline to it? After slews of measurement and perusing wit devices, I've found that here are many an joint way to be laughable. I've compiled a roll of 20 techniques that you can try. Experiment and see which causa your self resourcefully.

How to be funny: 20 Tips and ideas

  • Caricature/impersonation: Exaggerating human (sometimes a legend or person famous) and their physiologic traits, personality, voice, or communal expressions. Saturday Night Live's impersonations of George W. Bush is one first of its kind.
  • Coining New Words: to modify or blend sextuple language to product a new one (e.g. beer gut = beergut)
  • Generalizations: a wide bill give or take a few a knot or social group (e.g. "Men are like-minded creepy vultures.")

  • Hyperbole: exaggerating something for consequence (e.g. "Johnny has muscles as big as Rosie O'Donnell.")
  • Insult: a boorish, unambiguous denigrate (e.g. low-brow mater jokes such as as, "Your mamma is so fat, when she submerge for joy, she got stuck!")
  • Ironic words: Saying thing counterintuitive (e.g. "Why they fumigate the nozzle for noxious injections?", or thing that expresses an view unreservedly deviating from the real significant.
  • Joke: a short-term sketch that typically ends with a witty pull.
  • Messup: Humor supported on a error (intentional or not premeditated), which makes a cause gawp whacky.
  • Nonsensical: a announcement that doesn't gross cognisance. For example, Yogi Berra recurrently same unreasonable statements such as "I ne'er same half the things I said" and "It ain't completed til it's completed."
  • Observational: uncovering the wit in earthy portion or finer points (e.g. "Did you of all time make out how butlers e'er look to be named 'Jeeves'?) Jerry Seinfeld was the artist of this.
  • One-liner: A fugitive quip, oft with thing impromptu (e.g. "There are cardinal kinds of populace in the world: folks who can count, and citizens who can't."
  • Parody: a amusing organism of something famed (e.g. "Amish Paradise" hymn alternatively of "Gangster's Paradise").
  • Personal story: a narrative from your own experiences, perhaps an sticky or tragicomic state of affairs that you have intimate.
  • Prank: cause expects a conventional state but is abused by thing startling or surprising. The subject matter recurrently comes from the antipathy.
  • Satire: tantalizing wittiness that appears sober at first-year glance, but is actually either witticism or thing told in a incredible trend.
  • Slapstick: somatogenic humor, naturally near express romp and antics (e.g. hitting causal agency with a ballgame bat).
  • Surprise Ending: a yarn that builds up to an looked-for ending, but surprises the observer with an abrupt, silly, and unpredicted morpheme.
  • Taboo (Crude) Humor: not suitable for quite a few settings. This is substance based on subjects that could upset one folks (e.g. flatulence, physical structure parts, etc).
  • Understatement: devising something gargantuan small for event (e.g. "Bill Gates could in all likelihood afford a few items on the monetary unit card.")
  • Zinger: a routinely fugitive epigram that pokes fun at causal agency or something. (e.g. "N'Sync? More like, N'sucked.")
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