Step 1 - Strengthen the defending team of your computer

- Install Firewalls

"Firewall" is an isolation practical application to isolable the intrinsic gridiron and the Internet. The drive carries out a few filtering once two networks dispatch. It lets the data/person that you "agree" to go into your network, and besides blockage the notes/person you "do not agree" from your system. It can rule out they changes, copy, or destroys your matter. To guarantee the thrust get into work, you must resource it update.

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- Install Anti-virus software

The key on electronic computer virus is not "Kill" is "Prevent". You should position the Anti-virus computer code and launch the time period watching function and sustenance the computer code and the virus explanation record updated. To protector antagonistic the up-to-the-minute virus, you should set the tidings procedure in a day-after-day fashion. Also, in every week, you should scan the electronic computer point-blank for the virus.

- Guard resistant Spyware

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Spyware is a program that is installed minus the mortal authorization. It can get the facts and distribute to a tertiary organization. Spyware can connected in software, workable figurine and split into the soul data processor. They are in use to track the electronic computer utilization information, narrative the the ivories hits, or cart a blind invasion. To get rid from spyware, you can
- wage increase the surety even of your browser
- install code to patrol resistant from spyware
- confirm beside the public servant website more or less the code arrangement to install

Step 2 - Against from attacks

- Refuse unexplored software, emails and attachments

Do not download unknown software. Save all downloaded software package into one only key and scan it until that time put. Do not unfurl any unfamiliar email and its attachments. Many viruses are proliferate finished by exploitation email. Do not friendly uncharted emails, very those near engrossing headline.

- Do not go to golf player and sexy website

Many virus and spyware are come up from these websites. If you forage this website and your machine is not unafraid enough, you can conceive of what will evolve next.

- Avoid helping folders

Share slip is precarious and stranger can breakers about your folder voluntarily. When you poverty to helping folder, remember to set a countersign. If you are no demand to stock the file any more, pull out the joint now. It is vastly threat to allotment the full-length thrust. If cause removes the rules file, your piece of equipment may be thrown and cannot establishment up once again.

Step 3 - Keep Checking/Update

- Set differing and modify password

In Internet, there are thousand requirements to use password, look-alike e-banking, login account, email. Try to use antithetic positive identification for incompatible operation, this can control the loss if one of the passwords is fragmented into by someone. Avoid using important password, similar birthday, cellular phone figure. You should use password with note and numeral. One more than article is do not pick out "Save Password" preference.

- Beware of defraud

The digit of scam proceedings in Internet is keep escalating. Build up a counterfeit guard website, direct out an email to ask for word. Before lug any action, try to support it is real or not. You can car phone to hill hotline to ask, go to the ridge to association exactly.

- Backup

Backup is the second maneuver to minder resistant the attacks. If your data processor is hacked, the in operation association and package can be reinstalled. But the information can one and only be rehabilitated if you repetitively net a backup.

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